Automatic verification of an ecommerce user experience.


Validate developments made by multiple teams on both front-end web and mobile applications, to ensure the correct display of components across different devices.


Creation of an agile testing team focused on the validation of sprints and execution of regression tests, both manual and automated for the web and app version.

Use of visual testing techniques for automatic design validation.


Inclusion of acceptance criteria in user stories and test plan management using XRay.

Test automation using visual testing techniques and execution of multi-device testing on the BrowserStack cloud platform.


  • Reduced time to detect design bugs and layout failures.
  • Reduction in product delivery time (lead time).
  • Reduction of manual testing phases.
  • Increase in the number of test devices

Tools we use

  • Jira+XRay
  • WebDriverIO
  • Visual Testing
  • Appium
  • Jenkins
  • Browserstack