Developing an Open Banking Platform.


Implement a continuous delivery model that allows multiple daily deployments with guarantees, for project developing a platform built as a microservices architecture with more than 300 services, 10 environments and more than 80 developers.


In collaboration with the architecture and DevOps teams, a testing methodology was defined and implemented for the development teams.

Following a contract-first model, the teams develop tests and code in the same sprint, executed in a fully dockerized environment and with all build, code analysis, testing and roduction deployment processes fully automated.


The platform has over 6,000 test cases, running within a CI/CD pipeline, which handles both build, test, deployment and promotion between environments automatically.

Teams can perform daily deployments, during business hours, with no service interruptions, exceeding required SLAs 99.95%.


  • Reduced product lead time.
  • Infrastructure cost savings.
  • Early detection of errors.
  • Reduction of the technical debt of the project from the beginning.
  • Reduction of security vulnerabilities from the beginning.
  • Reliability availability and service capacity under any system load.

Tools we used

  • Docker
  • Postman
  • Newman
  • Jenkins
  • JUnit
  • SonarQube
  • JMeter