In an increasingly competitive and technically complex environment, where time to market is critical, delivering quickly without compromising quality is one of the biggest challenges companies face. It’s the challenge we were founded to solve. 


By combining agile methodologies to rigorous testing protocols, we eliminate the silos that can hold projects up, achieving error-free delivery faster, in response to defined business goals. 

Our Capabilities

  • Agile Testing

    Traditional testing does not fit agile projects, and can slow down time to market. At Sngular, we believe that preventing  bugs is better than reporting them. Therefore, our testing professionals are integrated into project teams from the offset, laying foundations for error-free delivery, and fostering a shared culture committed to quality.


  • Business Value

    Our team has multidisciplinary profiles adaptive to diverse project with a common commitment to delivering value to the business. For us, testing is not based solely on incident reporting, but a commitment to the reduction of inefficiencies and software development costs. We ensure Quality Engineering delivers defined ROI, by eliminating avoidable errors.

  • DevOps mentality

    Our QE team is in tune with technical excellence and the importance of test automation in delivering value quickly and effectively. Therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on both TDD and BDD approaches, continuous integration, system monitoring, mocking dependencies and test environment virtualization, among others

  • Technology

    By employing the latest testing tools and techniques means we can adapt to different project demands and technological environments with relevant solutions. Our teams are highly experienced in API testing, FrontEnd, messaging queues, IoT, performance, mobile, visual testing and contract testing, among others.

  • Consultancy and training

    We are aware that the context of each company is different, so we collaborate in building cultures, processes and quality tools specific to each case. We rely on 

    data-driven decision making and target tracking models such as OKR to nurture continuous development. We complement this with training in testing methodologies, processes, tools and techniques.

Our Partners

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